Update a HA Netscaler environment


To update an HA netscaler, do the following steps.

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Upgrade the secondary netscaler appliance

    1. Save the config: save config
    2. Switch to shell: shell
    3. Change to the installation directory: cd /var/nsinstall
    4. Create a temporary directory: mkdir x.xnsinstall
    5. Chang to the created directory: cd x.xnsinstall
    6. Upload the files to the temporary directory (e.g. pscp build-11.0-66.11_nc.tgz nsroot@
    7. Extract the files: tar -zxvf ns-x.0-xx.x-doc.tgz
    8. Install the software: # ./installns
    9. Press y to restart the appliance
    10. Check the state of the appliance: > show ha node
      This should state that it is the secondary node and synchronization is disabled. To disable the synchronization manually run the command: > set node -hasync disable
    11. Check the configuration
      The version can be found with the command:  > show version
    12. Failover the appliance: > force failover

Upgrade the primary netscaler appliance

  1. Follow step 1 to 9 mentioned in the previous section
  2. Check if the appliance is UP and it is the primary node: > show ha node
    If the appliance isn’t the primary application a failover can be initiated: > force failover

Enable Synchronization

  1. Log on the secondary node, check if it is the secondary node: > show node
  2. Enable synchronization: > set node -hasync enable
  3. Check synchronization status: > show ns runningconfig

The update has been completed. Additional backups can be removed as well the downloaded files in the created directory (step 4).

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