Use a USB key to install Windows 7

How to create a bootable USB key from which you can install Windows 7 on your system.

  1. Start diskpart on your machine (Start, run, diskpart)
  2. Then check which disk is your usb key with list disk
  3. Select your USB key with select disk 3 where “3” is your USB key
  4. Run Clean (this will wipe your usb key)
  5. Run  Create partition primary to create a new primary partition
  6. Set the created partition to active with the command Active
  7. Format the partition as a Fat32 file system:  Format fs=fat32 quick
  8. Assign a drive letter to your USB key for easy access from a explorer
  9. Copy the complete contents of the Windows 7 installation disk to you USB key (drag & drop)

Now you have a USB key with an installable windows 7 on it. It will install faster then a DVD and it’s easier to carry it with you. Another advantage is that you can install netbooks without dvd players from the USB key.

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