VMware ESX Datastore Reports – PowerShell

Using Microsft PowerShell and the VI Toolkit for Windos you can do some nice stuff. When looking for a way to make reports for a customer of my i’ve stumbled upon a few scripts.

All you have to do is to install Microsoft Powershell, VI toolkit for windows and have Office on your machine. When running the powershell script [wpdm_file id=”4″] i get the following output:

Datastore Chart

Contents of datastore.ps1:

if ((Test-Path  REGISTRY::HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\OWC11.ChartSpace.11) -eq $False)
       Write-Host "This script requires Office Web Components to run correctly, please install these from the following website: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7287252C-402E-4F72-97A5-E0FD290D4B76&displaylang=en"
connect-VIServer yourserver

$Caption = "Datastore Usage %"

$categories = @()
$values = @()
$chart = new-object -com OWC11.ChartSpace.11
$c = $chart.charts.Add(0)
$c.Type = 4
$c.HasTitle = "True"
$series = ([array] $chart.charts)[0].SeriesCollection.Add(0)

Get-datastore |Sort-Object FreeSpaceMB -Descending | foreach-object {

        $capacitymb = $_.CapacityMB
        $FreeSpaceMB = $_.FreeSpaceMB
        $UsedSpace = $capacitymb - $freespacemb

        $perc = $UsedSpace / $capacitymb * 100

        $categories += $_.Name
        $values += $perc * 1

$series.Caption = $Caption
$series.SetData(1, -1, $categories)
$series.SetData(2, -1, $values)
$filename = (resolve-path .).Path + "\Chart.jpg"
$chart.ExportPicture($filename, "jpg", 800, 500)
invoke-item $filename

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