How to install Dell Openmanage Server Administratior on ESXi using VMware Update Manager

1.  Download the OpenManage Server Administrator vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB) for ESXi 5.1, v7.3 from Dell’s website. It can be found on the Product Support page in the System Management section. Or you can download it from here.

OpenManage Server Administrator vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB) for ESXi 5.1, the current version is v7.32. Login in to vCenter, click Home, Update Manager and then select the Patch Repository tab.

VMware Update Manager - Patch Repository3. Click Import Patches.

VMware Update Manager - Import Patches4. Browse to the downloaded zip file and click Next. If you get a Security Warning dialogue box pop up, click Ignore.

Security Warning6. Click Finish to confirm the import.

VMware Update Manager - Import Patches7. If you browse the Patch Repository you will now see the OpenManage 7.3 for ESXi 510 patch.

VMware Patch Repository showing Dell OpenManage 7.3 for ESXi 510 patch

8. Click the Baseline and Groups tab. Then click on the left-hand Create option to create a new baseline.

VMware create Baseline

9. Give the baseline a name, Dell Host Extension, and select the Host Extension radio button, and click Next.

VMware New Baseline Name and Description10. Browse to the OpenManage 7.3 for ESXi510 extension, select it and click the Down Arrow to add it, click Next.

VMware New Baseline - Select Extensions

11. Review the selection and click Finish.

VMware New Baseline Complete

12. Click on Home, Hosts and Clusters, select the host you want to Install OpenManage Server Administrator on and select the Update Manager tab, then click Attach.

VMware Update Manager tab13. Select the Dell Host Extension baseline, then click Attach.

VMware - Attach Baseline or Group14. Select Patches and Extensions check box and click Scan.

VMware Confirm Scan15. To Apply the Extension, put the host into Maintenance Mode. Click the Stage button and then click the Remediate button.

To Access Server Administrator on ESXi 5.1 do the following or, just copy and paste the following address into a browser, changing the ESXiservername:


1. From a Windows Server with Dell OpenManage Server Administrator installed, Open the local Server Administrator instance.

2. Click Logout in the top right hand corner of the web interface.

3. Click Log in.

Dell Server Administrator - Log in4. At the bottom of the login dialogue box, click Manage Remote Node.

Dell OpenManage Login

4. Enter the Esxi hostname or IP address, username and password, and check the box to Ignore certificate warnings. Click Submit.

Dell OpenManage - Managed System LoginYou will now be presented with the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator interface for your ESXi server.

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator ESXi interface

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