Configuring Symantec AntiVirus for deployment as part of a drive image

Symantec Document ID: 2005092215503348

You need to create a drive image with Symantec AntiVirus already installed.

Every installation of Symantec AntiVirus creates a globally unique identifier (GUID) for that installation when the Rtvscan service first starts. If you use a computer with Symantec AntiVirus to create a drive image, and if that image is used to create clones of that computer on the same network, then each computer will have the same GUID. This causes problems in Symantec System Center, such as the following:

  • Clients do not appear.
  • Clients randomly appear and disappear.

You can prevent this problem by creating a drive image that does not have a Symantec AntiVirus GUID.

To create an image without a Symantec AntiVirus GUID

  1. Install the operating system, and install all patches as you would normally.
    Do not install Symantec AntiVirus yet.
  2. Install any other software besides Symantec AntiVirus that will be on the image.
  3. Install Symantec AntiVirus last, after any other installations.
  4. Before you save the image, start the Registry Editor.
  5. Go to the following key:


  6. In the right pane, right-click GUID, and then click Delete.
  7. Exit the Registry Editor.
    The hard drive now contains the final image. Do not restart the computer.
  8. Create the image with your preferred disk imaging software.

When the computer starts again, Rtvscan checks for the GUID value, and when it determines that it does not exist, it generates a new one.

If you have computers that were already deployed with identical GUID values, you can delete the GUID value on each computer, as described above. This can be done with a batch file, a login script, or a group policy object.

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