Restore Snapshot to vmdk file – Part 1

With no tools available, i needed to restore a snapshot image to a vmware virtual disk. Normally a bartpe with snapshot integrated and network working is used for this, but this time i did not had access to my bartpe iso file to restore the snapshot image.

What did i do to restore the snapshot image to a vmdk (the vmdk was not partitioned yet)?

Dowloaded vdk and mounted the disk in a command line with:

  1. VDK open 0 Virtualdisk.vmdk /RW
    After answering a few errors with i (ignore), the disk was mounted
  2. Started snapshot and went to the selection process of the restore option
  3. When i reached the option to select the disk, selected the mounted disk
  4. Right click and choose “Create primary Partition” on the mounted disk
  5. Restore the disk image to the mounted disk
  6. Close vdk “vdk close 0”
  7. Start the virtual machine

Used the following site as a reference:

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