IBM Storage replace Disk

If you replace a disk in an IBM Storage, such as a DS4700 and the disk is not rebuilding and is instead a new disk. You can set the disk as a replacement disk with the following command:

replace drive [85,12] replacementDrive=85,12;


To put the hot spare which was in use back to a hot spare, use the following command:

set drive [0,1] hotSpare=TRUE


This can be done in the Main storage manager view. Highlight the system, right mouse click and choose “Execute Script …”. Put in the commands and select “Tools” –> “Verify and Execute”.

Your initial lun will rebuild and your hot spare will fall back to the hot spare.


One thought on “IBM Storage replace Disk

  1. Hi

    I’m trying to replace a failure drive on a IBM DS4700

    Now i’ve plugin a refurbished drive but remain “offiline”
    ( probably is member of another array group )

    Drive at Enclosure 85, Slot 10  
    Status: Offline
    Mode: Incompatible

    Executing this command :
    replace drive [85,10] replacementDrive=85,10;
    , drive status remain the same , what i’m doing wrong ?

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